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  • Health First! Certification
  • HACCP (Codex Alimentarius) Certification
  • Certified Doctor for covid-19
  • Certified administrator for covid-19
  • Certified personnel for covid-19

General measures for Accommodation

  • Arrival and departure times are based upon government instructions regarding Covid-19. Check – in: 15:00 & Check – out: 11:00
  • All common hotel areas are disinfected in regular times. Signs are placed in order to maintain safety distancing.
  • Hotel’s pool operate with maximum occupancy based upon pool’s coverage, according to Covid-19 directives. The pool will be checked every four hours for chlorine levels and every eight hours for Ph levels.
  • Sunbeds on pool will be disinfected after each use and placed in set distance according to directives.
  • All food and beverage will be offered to guests in order to avoid use of public utensils. One-use utensils and glasses will be provided wherever possible
  • We keep all food safety measures described in the Codex Alimentarius of HACCP for delivery of ingredients, food processing and servicing to the guests.
  • We keep all distances for tables and chairs as instructed by the directive for Covid-19, in order to avoid overcrowding.
  • All hotel rooms are properly disinfected prior to guests’ arrival as directed for Covid-19

Guest safety rules

  • The check – in will be done online prior or at the arrival of the guests to the hotel’s premises, and will be certified by check of their according official papers.  
  • Clear signage is placed in all hotel facilities for proper distance keeping and maximum number of guests per facility.
  • Antiseptic dispensers and information sheets will be posted in all public areas of the hotel.
  • Proper medical kit will be available in case of Covid-19 case.
  • Insulated rooms have been prepared to host suspected cases of covid-19
  • The housekeeping department is always ready for extra cleaning and disinfecting for all public areas and rooms
  • Personnel that contact guests have been properly trained for all Covid-19 directives and keep the health and safety measures.
  • The hotel manager, and managers for each department, are always available to conversate with guests for any suggestions or comments in order to have a better and safer operation of our business

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